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It’s Not Illuminati. It’s Influence.

There is much speculation on whether there is a such thing as the Illuminati and whether this secret society pulls the strings behind the success of many pop icons. Tupac seems to be the one that I heard mention them, and since then, of course Jay-Z and Beyonce have... read more

7 Ways to Get Revenge With Yo Paper

I too am stunned and overwhelmed by the epic Beyonceness that Beyonce just pulled and I’m so inspired to do something great that I feel like launching all 3 of my startup projects today before time, but I’m going to try to wait and this sentence is run on... read more

How Can You Improve Your Business

There are so many things you can do to improve your business. Many times, we get frustrated because we feel we’ve done everything and are still having trouble. Rest assured, that’s very common but something that can be overcome. Of course, the other... read more

3 Ways To Teach People How To Treat You

This is an updated version of the post originally published in May 2013. A version of this also appears in my upcoming book, Wear A Better Bra. Disclaimer: I made a comment in the audio that I wish to retract. The person who assaulted me is wholly responsible for... read more

How To Make Better Content

Bad content is usually always your fault. Take that like a champ because you can control whether things change or whether you continue to churn out little humpback trolls of ineffective blog pieces. The power is in your ability to effectively know your product, know... read more