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3 Ways To Teach People How To Treat You

This is an updated version of the post originally published in May 2013. A version of this also appears in my upcoming book, Wear A Better Bra. Disclaimer: I made a comment in the audio that I wish to retract. The person who assaulted me is wholly responsible for... read more

How To Make Better Content

Bad content is usually always your fault. Take that like a champ because you can control whether things change or whether you continue to churn out little humpback trolls of ineffective blog pieces. The power is in your ability to effectively know your product, know... read more

7 Ways We Must Keep It Cute

Over the years, I’ve had my share of really cute moments and very ugly ones. It was so bad a couple of years back, I had two Facebook messages from concerned sistagirls telling me that my brows required a much needed arching. I was so depressed, financially bankrupt,... read more

From Rejection To Restart: How To Start Over

Being dismissed, whether it’s from a job, from a boyfriend, or heck, even from the room, is the worst feeling. In your heart, you feel like you needed to be there and if there was any inkling that things were wrong, you either had hope that things would change... read more

5 Ways To Get Clear On Your Goals

If you’re a creative, you probably have those nightly epiphanies inspiring you to plan for world takeover. I can see you nodding because you know what I’m talking about. It’s like you either can’t sleep or you are asleep and when you go to take... read more