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The Truth About Your Competition

You may have been there before. You’re in an online business group. You’re in the group with mostly those who are B2B consultants. Someone asks a question, is looking for a service provider recommendations or shares an opinion and it’s picked on like the seagulls...

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How To Start Podcasting

Earlier this year, I set out to start podcasting. It was mostly because at the time I was working as a marketing consultant to a blogger who was also an actress and had the gift of gab. In doing research on how to help her launch her podcast the easiest and get the...

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The Right Title Affects Your Brand Strategy

They say, "It doesn't matter what you call me, just don't call me late for dinner." Jokes aside, it DOES matter what people call you. I made a comment in my intro video for Twitter Class about how I stopped calling myself a virtual assistant like I did when I first...

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Do You Really Need A Business Coach?

For the sake of this article, I've used "coach" to broadly describe any coach who helps with business or brand strategy and have shared examples of other professionals, service providers and consultants who are not coaches to illustrate points related to identifying...

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It’s Not Illuminati. It’s Influence.

There is much speculation on whether there is a such thing as the Illuminati and whether this secret society pulls the strings behind the success of many pop icons. Tupac seems to be the one that I heard mention them first, and since then, of course Jay-Z and Beyonce...

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7 Ways to Get Revenge With Your Paper

Beyonce is, in fact, a motivational speaker. On top of that, not only has she perfectly and strategically timed the dropping of the Formation video and Superbowl half-time show announcement, but the song and videos together are enough to write home to mom about. VSB...

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How Can You Improve Your Business

There are so many things you can do to improve your business. Many times, we get frustrated because we feel we've done everything and are still having trouble. Rest assured, that's very common but something that can be overcome. Of course, the other extreme is to try...

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