There is much speculation on whether there is a such thing as the Illuminati and whether this secret society pulls the strings behind the success of many pop icons. Tupac seems to be the one that I heard mention them first, and since then, of course Jay-Z and Beyonce have been pegged as loyal adherents and even devil worshippers. I can not even begin to tell you what these people do, and whether there is a such thing as the Illuminati, but one thing we all know for a fact is that Beyonce has influence.

Granted, influence is what conspiracy theorist fear from any Illuminati. Of course, we do know that there obviously are secret societies, but mostly there are people with the means and control to make decisions that affect us all, namely corporations, politicians and those with fat pockets whose names we don’t know merely because we don’t have access to them. However, there are some other ways people have garnered power and influence and it’s within the reach of many today.

The power of media is in the hands of most. According to stats, nearly half of the world’s population has access to the internet. Radio and television access soars as well. With this level of interconnectivity, there is the opportunity to educate, entertain and engage an international audience.

So when a person says that many of today’s pop artists are backed by some force that others don’t have access to, I’m not entirely sure that’s true. I do feel that based on talent, timing and demand, some people’s success has been astronomical. And in the case of Beyonce, her time, talent and demand is right.

The popularity of Destiny’s Child and then the controversy’s surrounding the groups repeated restructuring only served to aid the artists career. Then, consider that this girl works HARDER than many of us ever have or care to, and consistently so putting out music, touring and giving us fragrance, movies and clothing for about two decades. The addition of her marriage to Jay made every R&B and hip hop lover hype. Plus, who can’t love little Blue Ivy?

I don’t like thinking of myself as a Beyonce Stan to the depths that some people go with it. I do, however, love her work. I see how she’s used her talent and consistently empowering message to INFLUENCE and entertain fans. So yes, it does sound a bit corny to dismiss an exceedingly popular career on a mysterious group.

How To Influence People

If one steps back a bit, they can see some immense ways that media is the real force behind Bey’s and others success. Consider Oprah. This woman and her unrelentess drive to succeed allowed her to build an empire. With a fearlessness to ask the questions we all wanted answers to, an empathy unmatched by many journalists and television personalities, 25 years of unmissed work days and programming that made us all tune in, Oprah solidified her influence.

On the flip side, if we look at the audiences, the ones being influenced, we have some clues on how to obtain a portion of what Bey and O have. With O, it was middle America and stay at home moms. She catered to the things that mattered to them–primarily other peoples stories. Bey caters to the need and craving for fun, dance, sexuality, beauty, love and I would even say athleticism. She is a hero to many as an entertainer because she has a regal, commanding nature that embodies an admirable strength.  And as for NOW, with the passing of Michael Jackson, the beloved King of Pop, Bey has stepped up, perhaps not replacing his spot, but definitely giving the masses a taste of greatness that we missed with his death.

Real talk, people need HOPE and diversions. They need entertainment, happiness, to feel powerful and to feel good. When someone provides that, they very easily gain influence. So as long as there is a need for someone to shift attention from the woes of an ordinary life, or the pangs of injustice, or any number of things that plague most of mankind even in peacetime and in affluence, there will be influencers like Bey.

Of course, not all influence is the same–some influence our children as educators, others influence as criminals driving people to do wrong. Still, when you talk about an entertainer with the magnitude of Queen Bey, you’re not talking about someone who necessarily dabbles in the dark arts, but rather someone who has mastered the very visible resources she has, including powerful and experienced executives who know how to work this thing, and who has strategically worked her way into peoples minds and hearts.

That’s not Illuminati, it’s influence.

For more information on how to gain influence, read the classic How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.