How to start a business in 2016

You’ve been following the blog for a while, been a member of the Facebook group and may have even taken the Desire Challenge. Now you need a little more help. You may have limited time and a very moderate budget, but you need something that would help you know what to do in your unique situation–with your business, your customers, your location, your resources.

I’ve been there too. I’ve been in business a total of 9 years, the last 6 as a full-time CMO-for-hire, and I have experienced my shares of challenges. I can remember around the time I started Ambitious Diva sitting in my room in New Jersey on a snow day thinking that this couldn’t be all there was to business. I was homesick, lonely and I was empty from consulting full-time but not having a coach or consultant of my own to help me.

The next year, I was in intensive therapy from the worst episode of burnout that I could imagine. What if I had gotten business help before things had gotten that bad? What if I had have invested in myself enough to just simply have a different mindset about my business, since most of my worry was about how to build a sustainable business. I remember days of obsessing over profits or clients who were a bad match, on top of the very real physical and mental health things I faced. But what if that could have been managed better?

We’ll never know, but you’re here for a reason. Whether you’re here because you were referred by a friend, you’ve known me personally for some time, you’re here trying to mimic my branding or marketing strategy, or you’re here because you are doing research, you are HERE. With me, soaking in every ounce of what you can get. I deliver value or else you would click away.

Chances are you’ve experienced the amazing feeling of starting a business, quitting your full-time job even, and you want to take a chance on building your own business, whether product or service based, a physical or digital product or some other startup. You probably have understood the very real experience of startup depression and lack of motivation and clarity. You might even be making money hands over fist but you feel out of alignment with what you feel you should be doing and you seek to bring things into a purposeful, intentional, targeted, focused, congruent way of being so you can experience greater happiness. You might have it ALL but don’t know how or have the time to figure out the technology, sales or marketing solutions. All of it can be a pebble in your Louboutins and drive you nuts.

These are the problems I’ve been solving for years, as a consultant for my event marketing agency and as a business and goal consultant at Ambitious Diva. To this day, I’m working very closely with women businesses who have experienced moderate and unbelievable success. I’m not here for the okie doke and I’m all about putting in WORK. So I ditch pie-in-the-sky for This Is How We Do It specific strategy for YOU. I’ve done it already. I’ve been there and done that for entertainers, authors, CEOs and Fortune 500 brands. So I know a thing or two on how to work with big challenges of being in an entrepreneurial woman with fixed budgets who wants great outcomes.

I don’t want you to be in your house having a mental snow day, unable to move because of hitting a wall. I want you to bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan and then hire someone ELSE to fry it up in the pan.  I want you to exceed both my and your success. Why? Because there are solutions to your problems and outrageous opportunities for you to win. I am enrolled in your ridiculous success if you are committed and trust me to help you shift.

Who Can Work With Me

Since I’ve been in business for several years, I’ve been able to carve out a clear picture of who my clients are and should be.


Rene is:

Mid-career work-at-home mom with a husband who is an executive. She’s been running her boutique in a cape that says “Supermom”. The balance of business, motherhood and catering to an exhausted husband leaves her tired and little time for fully fleshing out some other projects she wants to launch to expand her brand. She needs help with focus and knowing exactly what to do so she doesn’t have to go through a long learning curve before implementing a plan that would help her launch–and conquer–her side-project.


Shay is:

A computer science major who has just been laid off from her $90,000-a-year job, has a nice severance package and wants use her new freedom as an opportunity to build her tech startup. She’s has a dynamic personality, has done amazing things like travel the world and running a non-profit in her hometown, but she’s not so savvy about business because she’s been an employee most of her career. She could use help with a plan of action and introduction to strategic partners to help her vision come together.


Kela is:

A veteran in the health field and she’s really on top of her business as a consultant. The problems she’s facing are mostly around automating her processes, refining her message and focusing on the right things to promote to her people. Because she’s a bit older, mastering technology and being comfortable with new media marketing and promotional tactics has been a problem. She would be relieved if she had a better online funnel, cohesive branding and a marketing and promotional plan that didn’t involve much technology so that she could still manage it without much fuss.

Their Qualities

Each of my target market ladies have:

  • Access to resources that cover the cost of one-time or ongoing work with me without hardship or jeopardizing necessities
  • A desire to uplevel their business through strategic planning, cohesive marketing, and process optimization.
  • A willingness to learn and shift away from things that have not been successful in the past
  • An unrelentess drive to execute
  • Opinions and vision for where they want to be but mostly need how-to help and people resources (staff, consultants, strategic partners, investors) to make it happen
  • A desire or experience in running a profitable business (they aren’t struggling, desperate and going under, but rather need support with launch, rebranding or scaling)
  • Researched and done their due-diligence to find out whether I’m the right person for the job so they make a decision they are comfortable with

How You Can Work With Me

Control.Vision.Foundation Coaching

Short-term one-on-one microcoaching program built for those who only talk about it but who haven’t yet been about it. In two hours, go through a series of exercises and exploratory questioning to help you reach conclusions that will help you climb over hurdles to your success.

Black Girls Startup Coaching

Specific business strategy help focused on product development, testing, marketing, sales and finance.   Best for startups who have been in business at least a year, but who are looking to increase brand awareness, product offering and attract investors or strategic partners.

Successcapade Traveling Mastermind

The best work with me is hands on, in-person, and immersive. Spend a few days with me and my team to work on planning, promotions, outlining or completing your book, and launch strategy. First, express interest and we’ll let you know when our a mastermind destination is open for booking. We plan in advance so you’ll have time to pull your coins together. Want to bring me in for a one-on-one session in your town to work with you or your team? Let me know here and we’ll work out all the details.

Take action and move toward the the success you want. I’d love to be your copilot. Let’s get started today!

Jasmine provided valuable strategy consultation to help me increase my speaking engagements. She is responsive and driven and easy to work with. I highly recommend her.

Zuri Murphy

Rude Vagina


Goal mastery micro coaching program to help you achieve all that you want
  • Go through two-hours of self-awareness exercises and guided goal mapping.

Successcapade Traveling Mastermind

Grow on the go
  • Successcapade is an exclusive, destination vacation-style mastermind for entrepreneurial women to plan, write, launch or scale.