Ambitious Diva is my baby and I am Jasmine Powers.

I am a 30+, entrepreneur who started my business is 2007 as a marketing and administrative professional. As I refined my skills through education and experience and grew my practice, I positioned myself as the go to consultant for digital marketing strategy at J Powers Marketing & Publicity LLC. I made good money and worked with celebrities, authors, workshop facilitators, athletes, models, a food product company, and a slew of beauty brands while producing national events. I had it going on.

Still, I needed more women in my circle who understood the entrepreneur experience. No, I didn’t just want advice. I wanted resources and real answers. I also wanted motivation. I had a small group of LA-based friends called the Making It Happen crew that consisted of Toushanta of Scentsational Soaps, Myisha and Porsche T. of Springcart, and others who associated with them at the time. It was good while I was local to Los Angeles, but by the time I’d fallen into the DEEPEST depression and crisis of confidence ever aggravated by homesickness while I lived in New Jersey, they seemed too far away.

So I created a list of affirmations and sent it to them as well as a few others. About eight months later, For Colored Girls wrote about the affirmations, which I’d given the blogs author during a friendly call. Soon after, using G+ and a Facebook group to gather together over hundreds of women, I had connected with the most engaged, fun, resourceful, spirited women I have ever met.colors

The original group members of Ambitious Diva reside all over the United States. Our most active members were in Los Angeles, Dallas and the DMV. Not too shabby for a lonely, lost entrepreneur who started Ambitious Diva to create the community I needed. I’d created the community all these hundreds of others needed.

Of course, I didn’t do it alone and I’ve shifted, rebranding and restructured along the way.

I’ve had advisory board members and a collective of top-notch consultants to help me grow my community, refine my focus, and develop products, services and events that people needed. Everything I share here is legit and learned first-hand as I’ve grown my businesses and those of others. The experiences of everyone I’ve consulted with and gotten consulting from is something you’ll directly benefit from here on the blog, the mastHERmind podcast, and especially in our groups, events and email list.

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